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Behind the scenes

We came up with this idea, sitting round a campfire, drinking wine..

OK, so there is some thinking behind this... These aren't the ramblings of a madman. This is an honest business plan Stef and I put together. We're doing alright so far, but we want to do better.

Steve started out as a YouTube guy, his mate asked him to film his wedding and he really enjoyed it. The rest as they say... blah, blah, blah...

Now hold ya nose cuz here goes the nerd chatter, we film in 1080p (HD) at 30FPS (frames per second) our slo mo stuff is filmed at 720p at 60FPS (if you play a 60 at a 30fps, it will appears slower... slo mo) Slo Mo is the greatest thing we've ever used but we don't like to overuse it!

We have new lenses and new lights which we're really excited to work with this year. We're both armed with monopods (like a tripod with 1 leg) which keeps the shot steady. We've done some test shots, and they look amazing! A music vid we recently released, went 'viral' getting 2.5k views in a few days!

The new lenses give an amazing depth of field (blurry backround) to your shots. In short, it just makes them look really pretty and professional. Steve continues to work with animation and Twixtor software to make it super slo-mo. On that note Adobe Premiere has changed our editing workflow beyond measure. The creative/workflow is getting better, faster and more aesthetically pleasing. We've got 'screenburn' overlays, LUTS, colour correction, animation. We've even got a teeny-tiny little mic that the groom can wear to sort out our sound issues, so don't be calling us assholes. We can hear you.

So what's the plan? We didn't see this coming so we didn't have a plan.

Our next step is to get a better computer - Possibly a gaming PC that can deal with the rendering etc.. 4K - We need to move with the times, 4K is stunning, we just need to be able to afford it

Drone - Everything looks better from a birds eye view, unfortunately that requires a license. These are the kind of things we're looking forward to.. This is where we want to be, in a year or so.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment.

We now have a massive deal going on with one of the most beautiful venues in East Yorkshire,being featured in their new website and EVEN producing a vid for them!

Who'd have thunk it, when we'd have been sat round the campfire, that we'd be sat here writing this. In the words of Fatboy Slim - We've Come a Long Way Baby

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