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Music video service has landed!

So, you're a musician, or you're in a band, you've got an absolute certified banger and you can't wait to release it into the world. Well, you're gonna need a music video. That's where we come in...

Believe it or not, this video was filmed in our living room, with a three point lighting setup

We've been wanting to get into this market for quite a while. We're both massive music fans, we LOVE hearing new music and it's just another exciting string to add to our bow! Recently, Steve released a music video on Mother's Day in memory of his mum and the response was unbelievable! Within just 3 days of release, it had amassed 3.3 THOUSAND views and 120 shares (that we know about). We expected it to go quite well, but we were truly blown away by the response and the kind words from everybody.

Video content is SO important, if you want your stuff to be heard these days, it has to have an eye catching visual. The more people who hear your stuff, the more chance you have of getting heard by the right people!

Steve is a musician himself, and has been since the age of about 12, so he knows what works and what doesn't. We will professionally come up with a treatment/idea, write, film and edit your creation. Once completed, we will send you a download link, so you can post it to all your social media, YouTube etc... You will keep all the rights to your music. Once the video is done. It's yours. Send it to Scuzz, MTV, NME etc... The quest for world domination starts with a super-slick music video. Be sure to head over to our music page.

What have you got? If you have any music recorded, send us a link! We want to hear it. Let's create something amazing!

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