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We want you to think really hard about your favourite film of all time… OK, thought about it?




We’re about to capture your favourite film of all time - starring you!


Venue - check. Colour scheme - check. Photographer - check. They say a picture speaks a thousand words but unless they’re really, really good they can’t actually talk can they? You want to relive your vows; you want to be overwhelmed with emotion at the Father of the Bride speech again; you want to watch each and every guest cringe at the Best Man’s jokes because you were too busy cringing during them yourself? Well, we’ve got you covered!

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Your wedding day is going to be the most important day of your life. You’ve planned this to the nth degree, in some cases for years. It has consumed your daydreams and kept you awake at night - did you order Great Auntie Ethel the jelly and ice cream dessert instead of the caramel crunch?! We know this and we keep it all in mind right from your first enquiry with us, through every minute of your day, and in the post-filming production process.

S O  W H A T   D O   Y O U   G E T ?

Two Videographers​

Two-person crew delivering a multi-angle perspective, capturing all the important parts of your day as well as the bits you don't see.

All Day Filming

From morning preparations through to your First Dance as a newlywed couple, we'll capture your full day including the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting and all of the fun your guests are having.

Bespoke  Wedding Films

We know that your Wedding Day is the most important and unique day of your lives, and your film will reflect this. We'll create a highlights film and feature film in a style that is bespoke to you, cut against two licensed songs.


Personalised Gift Box

You'll receive your films via a digital link for you to share with your family and friends, as well as handmade cases together with a little Congratulations gift from us here at PTB.

We’ll do our very best to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible, without compromising on our main videography day jobs! We’ll be the bridesmaid and groomsman you didn’t know you needed - we’ve been known to deliver flowers, children, and even rings (don’t ask…) Using discreet DSLR cameras we are ‘video-ninjas’, and a lot of our Couples have commented that they didn’t realise we were there most of the day (we promise, we were!). Gone are the days of posed, stuffy, cheesy shots. We’re here to document your love story.


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W H A T S   I N   T H E   B O X ?

  • DVD/USB stick

  • Digital link

  • Highlights film (3-5 mins)

  • Feature film (30-60 mins)

  • Popcorn

  • Prosecco

N O   S I L L Y   P A C K A G E S .   £ 1 700   -   A L L   I N
*2023/4 Prices. Travel charges may apply
Please contact us for availability on 2021/22 dates


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