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Popping the Bubble Productions are a video production team based in Hull, East Yorkshire. 

From humble beginnings back in 2015, when Steve was asked to film his best friend's wedding, to the present day were we can proudly call some of the region's biggest venues our friends too, we have always loved and will always love what we do!
Over the years, we have been nominated for awards for our work (which is nice), we've met some super cool people and we've made some awesome films. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and as cheesy as it sounds, every day is different. We'll meet up beforehand and go through the finer details of your day and make sure the film is tailored to you. We don't want to copy and paste the same films all over again. Let's make something amazing!!! 

We're gonna be spending most of your wedding day with you, so it's important we know each other. Here's a little bit more about us....

Steve has been making videos and generally being creative for over 20 years (where have the years gone?!). When he isn't nerding out over the latest tech and video trends you can find him coming up with his next crazy film idea, or teaching his son all he knows about film making, photography and YouTubing. 

Steve is PTB's editor and lead camera person. He is the guy that spends hours scouring through raw footage in order to find the best clips to put together our films. Steve is quite the perfectionist when it comes to creating the final cut and makes sure our couples are completely satisfied before closing a job.


Stef joined PTB when she realised how many weddings she could be involved in! In her spare time Stef keeps herself busy by scanning through Pinterest, for thing she doesn't need. She also likes to read with a nice glass of Rosé, to make sure she's getting some of her 5-a-day of course.

Stef has been known to grab a camera and join Steve on occasion, and also does all things admin for PTB - diary management and schedule planning are her thing. Alongside handling incoming enquiries and after care with our couples, Stef is the gal who puts together the final package and casts a second eye over Steve's handy work. It's then when the perfectionist behaviour really begins!


Cal has been making films with Steve since they were teenagers making 'Jackass' rip-offs. After a few years out, he's re-joined Steve doing something a bit more serious. As well as being a top filmmaker, he's just a proper nice guy. People usually think he's a guest, as he get on with everyone. He has been seen dancing with the bride before.

At your wedding, he'll bring the bants, laughs and pints!

When he's not shooting weddings, you'll find Cal climbing something, spending time with his kids or escaping to the pub!


You might recognise Will from somewhere else...
That's right! He's actually a full-time professional wedding photographer! 

With his years of experience in the wedding industry, it turns out he's also a bloody brilliant filmmaker too with an un-matched eye for a shot. Will, second-shot for Steve early last year, and we instantly asked him to sign up for more!

When he's not doing his photography thing, which you can check out here, he's either editing, being the best dad to his kids or talking to Steve about the next big ideas!



Yep, this is the best picture we have of him...

Ben is an amazing editor, who takes the heat off us, when things get busy. Ben has been a filmmaker for around the same amount of time as Steve, so his knowledge and skills are unbelievable! He can mimic our editing style perfectly while making it look easy!

When Ben is not editing, he is spending time with his daughter, making films and taking awful pictures of himself 


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