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Hull wedding videographer


  • Can we choose our own music?
    No. Due to very restrictive copyright laws, we can't use 'pop music' - e.g. Ed Sheeran/ Adele etc... in your video. We use a copyright free music site with thousands of genres and titles to choose from. We do have a meeting before the big day and discuss your taste in music. If you're into heavy metal, we're not gonna put a hiphop track on your video!
  • Do you travel?
    We love to travel! We're based in East Yorkshire, but we've been know to go as far as Derby, The Lake District, even France! Please note depending on venue location extra charges may be applicable to cover the cost of travel and/or accomodation. But talk to us, we don't bite! We'll be completely transparent about any additional travel costs that may be incurred.
  • Will we get drone footage?
    Yes, that's all included in the price. However, under the terms of our license we can only fly if the pilot deems it safe and legal to do so, and in certain conditions. There may be local bylaws in place too. We will not fly within any 5nm range of an airport. We'll check all of this out before and on the day so that we are operating safe and legally. The pilot's decision on flight is final.
  • Is there any movement on price?
    'Fraid not. Our pricing is actually quite competitive for the package we offer.
  • How do we book you?
    It's easy. Simply fill out our contact form on the website, or email us at with your date and venue, and we'll see if we're free. If we are, we'll send you a booking form. We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £150 to 'save the date'. However, and whenever you pay the remaining balance is up to you, just as long it's settled 2 weeks before the big day!
  • What time do you start/finish?
    We'll talk about this when we meet up. Usually, we like to turn up around the same time as your photographer. This should mean minimal disruption to your morning, and there's no point in getting there too early - the guys will be in their pants and the girls won't have their hair and makeup done - no one wants to be filmed like that! We don't just clock off after the first dance. We'll stay and catch some of the dancing, maybe even have a cheeky pint. We're there until we've got all the shots we need.
  • We've got fireworks, can you stay a bit longer?"
    Yep! If it's a part of your wedding day, we're gonna film it! That's kinda what we do, and NO we're not gonna charge you any more to stay either.
  • Do you do photo?
    Nope. Not currently. We like to give 110% to the job in hand, and that job is making a super cool wedding film. We do however, know a LOT of awesome photographers from all kinds of price brackets. Talk to us.
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